Module Current_git

Integration with Git.

module Commit_id : sig ... end
module Commit : sig ... end
val clone : schedule:Current_cache.Schedule.t -> ?⁠gref:string -> string -> Commit.t Current.t

clone ~schedule ~gref uri evaluates to the head commit of uri's gref branch (default: "master").

val fetch : Commit_id.t Current.t -> Commit.t Current.t
val with_checkout : ?⁠pool:unit Current.Pool.t -> job:Current.Job.t -> Commit.t -> (Fpath.t -> 'a Current.or_error Lwt.t) -> 'a Current.or_error Lwt.t

with_checkout ~job c fn clones c to a temporary directory and runs fn tmpdir. When it returns, the directory is deleted.

parameter pool

Used to prevent too many clones from happening at once.

module Local : sig ... end